Upgrade Options

We Use Established Brand Name Materials and Accessories

You’ll make a sound investment from the start.

Badu® SwimJet Systems

Zodiac AquaLink

Brick Pavers


Choose from a large selection of typical South Florida pool pavers.

Pool Coping


The finest coping to create the perfect frame for your pool.

Marble Travertine Pavers and Coping

marble travertine

The high end choice for pool borders and deck.

Aggregate Finishes


Achieve stunning pool water color from a choice of aggregate finishes.

Waterfall Features


Add a fun and entertaining element to your pool.



Tile decoration is a must on every dream pool.

Pool Lighting

lights and pumps

With industry-leading LED lighting technology, we provide the widest spectrum of color choices for dazzling color shows.

Salt Chlorine Generation

water quality

Keep your water in optimum condition with these or other brand salt chlorine generators.